Thursday, October 12, 2006

10 million krona, and the world knows his name

Orhan Pamuk is a lucky man -- today it was announced that he won the Nobel Prize in Literature, receiving 10 million Swedish krona and the recognition of the literary world.'s "two minute review" of Mr. Pamuk's work is a great summary of why he has been named a Nobel Laureate.

The Wikipedia entry on Mr. Pamuk has a good bibliography of which of his works have been translated into English, as well as an in-depth account of the major events and controversies of his life. The New Yorker has a copy of a letter Pamuk wrote in regards to the biggest of those controversies, his Turkish trial over freedom of speech issues. The Guardian has a nice site on Pamuk, and my favorite site found as I researched this is the site on how to pronounce his name.

The College Libraries have two of his books, translated into English -- Snow and Istanbul: Memories and the City. Today I ordered the English translations of the rest of Pamuk's works, so if you're interested in this Nobel Laureate, check Bearcat in a few weeks to find the call numbers.


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